Recommendations and suggestions will be made according to your specific needs. 

Tests commonly done by your medical doctor can also be done by me.  However, because MSP does not cover the costs of testing ordered by naturopathic physicians, a fee will be incurred for those types of tests.  Efforts are made to encourage patients to obtain those types of tests from their family physician, unless patients choose otherwise.

Supplements and nutraceuticals are variable in cost and can be purchased from many locations:

  • an on-site natural pharmacy in Smithers called Naturally Empowered, that dispenses professional brand products
  • an on-line natural pharmacy called, that dispenses professional brand products
  • other on-line natural pharmacies
  • your local health food store in Smithers called Nature's Pantry
  • your local health food store in Hazelton called Country Herbs
  • your local health food store in Terrace called Dynamic Health Service
  • local pharmacies