RND therapy is one of the most beneficial and effective amino acid therapies in medical practice.

There are two types of nutritional deficiencies.  Absolute nutritional deficiency occurs when there are not enough nutrients in the diet. Relative nutritional deficiency (RND) occurs when the amount of nutrients taken in is normal but the amount is not enough to meet the demands of the body in order to experience good health.  A relative nutritional deficiency (RND) exists when levels of neurotransmitters are inadequate.

Neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and/or epinephrine allow our nervous system to function properly by providing electricity throughout the body.  This electrical system can be damaged by toxins, trauma, biological substances and genetic conditions, and the repletion of these neurotransmitters by using nutrient amino acids with vitamin and mineral cofactors, aids in repair.

RND therapy involves many things:

  1. the use of amino acid precursors and nutrient cofactors
  2. urine testing after taking a specific protocol of nutrients 
  3. adjustment in nutrient dosages to achieve optimal balance guided by urine testing

This type of therapy is not cookbook medicine, that is, a pill for this or a pill for that.  It is not linear medicine where dosages are increased or decreased depending on tolerance, efficacy or side-effects.

This type of therapy is a journey.  The goal of this journey is symptom relief and the restoration of balance with neurotransmitter function.

Who is this therapy best for?

This therapy is best for people who have struggled and have found no answers with other forms of therapy, either with orthodox medicine or alternative medicine.  This therapy is especially helpful for those with early stage Parkinson's disease, those with depression and other mood disorders, and those with fatigue.  The following is a list of conditions that can be helped with RND:


RND therapy has been created by the extensive work of Dr. Hinz MD and Dr. Stein MD.  Neuro Research is the website to read for more detailed information about this therapy.

If you do not like taking pills or if cost is an issue, then stop reading right now and find some other therapy that will work for you.  (However, if you have early stage Parkinson's disease, RND Rx is the most hopeful therapy I have ever come across for this serious neurodegenerative disease).

Regardless of the condition being treated, some people experience improvement in 1 week, and some take 4 - 5 months before improvement in symptoms occurs.  Some people need only 1 urine test to help adjust for proper dosing of nutrients, while others will need multiple urine tests.  From the outset, it is not possible to predict when improvement will occur or how many urine tests will be needed for an individual person.

Side-effects can occur, and often means that the dosage of a specific amino acid precursor is too low.  Side effects do not occur when these nutrients are taken in proper balance, and this endpoint of balance is unique for each person.  This is why urine testing is so important.  It helps determine the appropriate dosage for each individual person so that the nutrients that are taken are in proper balance.

Baseline urine testing for neurotransmitters is of no value.  The urinary serotonin and dopamine measured with this type of therapy helps determine whether the transporter systems of these neurotransmitters are optimal.  Urine testing is done through DBS labs.  

As well, using amino acid precursors and nutrient cofactors from any source other than CHK nutrition will not help you achieve the results you are looking for.  All of the scientific research on this type of therapy has been done with standardized, quality and balanced amino acids from CHK nutrition.  The intake of the exact standardized dosage of a particular nutrient is imperative during treatment.  These amino acids and nutrients may include Mucuna Pruriens (4o% L-Dopa), 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, L-Cysteine, L-Lysine, Folate, Selenium, Vitamin C, Calcium citrate, and Vitamin B6.

Both DBS labs and CHK nutrition are US-based companies, and therefore costs with RND therapy are typically higher than with other therapies due to the exchange rate from US to CAD.  In order to help offset these costs, follow-up consultations with RND therapy are set at a rate of $0 - $75, depending on the extent of the follow-up as well as patient compliance to therapy.