Dr. Tori Hudson N.D. - Women's Health

I just discovered that Dr. Tori Hudson N.D., a naturopathic physician who is an expert on natural medicine and women's health, has a blog!  In fact, she has been writing since 2006.  (I swear I need to get out more, or at least poke my nose outside of my rural community in beautiful boonie-ville more often). Dr. Hudson wrote a book in the late 90's entitled, "Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine" and it is a book that I have used countless of times over the years for reference in my practice.  It appears as though it has recently been updated in 2007.

I have heard Dr. Hudson give lectures numerous times at various naturopathic medical conventions.  As well, for years now, I have prescribed many of the products she has formulated for a company called Vitanica, and find some of these nutraceuticals invaluable in assisting patients with their health.

I discovered her blog after reading a naturopathic student's blog called, Natural Medicine is the Best Medicine.  I looked at the blogs this student followed, and lo and behold, there was Dr. Hudson.

Dr. Hudson's blog is chuck full of the latest scientific studies along with her own clinical experiences regarding the particular topic of the blog she is writing about.  It is an invaluable read for all women who are interested in natural heath, or for those women who have not yet found efficacy with conventional medical treatments for their problems.

I have read books written by many physicians, both MDs and NDs on the topic of women's health.  Dr. Hudson tops the list for me, and now I find her blog.

Dr. Tori Hudson's blog.  Pennies from heaven.