Medical Misfit or Free Agent

I used to be a medical misfit.

After a combined almost 40 years in healthcare, nursing and medical practice, I indeed used to think that I was a medical misfit. In the past, when I attended conventional medical conferences, I always had this sense that I didn't "fit" in. When I attended naturopathic or alternative medical conferences, I also had this sense that I didn't "fit" in. It used to bother me. It no longer does because I have changed my perspective. I'm not a misfit anymore, I'm a free agent now.

Both the religiosity of science and the religiosity of nature philosophy, for me, never trumped that which was most important and most effective for the patient.

I have always had one bottom line with my approach to medicine: help the patient maximally, with a best guess at the most minimal risk possible. Any assessment of risk will always be a best guess, even when good science or good common sense guides the decision-making processes. This is because one size does not fit all.

In my free agent status, these are the most important aspects in my approach to medicine:

  • EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) as per Dr. James McCormack PhD. I LOVE this guy's stuff:


Numbers Needed To Treat and Numbers Needed To Harm as per The NNT, looking at all of the scientific studies with a discerning eye from a viewpoint of clinical relevancy. Without looking at this data, science-based medicine has diminished use.

  • One Size Does Not Fit All. Other than the fact that we all change and we all die, it's the only other truth I know for sure.

I like being a free agent and I'm not about to sign up anywhere just yet . . . if ever.