thYeah, I know.  Depressing topic, but an important one. This afternoon I was going to attend a memorial for a person whom I didn't know and who committed suicide.  I wanted to attend in order to be supportive to the person whom I did know and who cared for this individual.

I changed my mind about attending and thought I could be more helpful by writing this blog.

Tens of thousands of people from around the world read my blog.  I'm not sure why.  I basically write this blog for a handful of my family members and friends.  However, the internet being what it is, and to the many of you who browse my blog, this is what I have to say to anyone thinking of taking their own life right now:

Hang in there.  Please.

You're not alone in your despair.  I get it.  I completely understand what it feels like to believe you are at the end of your rope with no hope of anything ever getting any better and wanting the emotional pain to end.  I understand your thought process along with your agonizing feelings that allow you to think that suicide is the only curative solution for your pain.  I get it.

Many moons ago, I too were where you are now;  feeling trapped in a maze with no way out;  experiencing heart-wrenching, emotional, never-ending pain;  being swallowed up in sadness and eternal suffering;  and wanting it all to end, once and for all.

Please.  Hang in there.

Just because you cannot see any answers now, doesn't mean they don't exist.  You are unique.  You are important.  You just haven't found your answers yet that will be most helpful for you at this particular moment in time.  There is always hope.  Always, in all ways.

You will get out of this maze of suffering.  Be patient.  Wait.  Be still.  Breathe.  Deeply breathe.  I am praying for you right now, that you will wait long enough to be able to find your answers.

Finding your way out of your maze is uniquely your experience.  One size does not fit all.  There are many ways I have seen, both professionally and personally, that have helped people find a way out, without committing suicide.

Please, wait.

Perhaps you have an undiagnosed physical condition like hypothyroidism for example, that is easily amendable with treatment.

Perhaps you have tried a multitude of pharmaceutical medications but have been misdiagnosed, and instead have a condition like Bipolar for example, and the correct pharmaceutical medication will make all of the difference in your life.

Perhaps you have tried a multitude of pharmaceutical medications, but have not yet explored Dr. Marty Hinz' work on Relative Nutritional Deficiencies and brain chemistry.

Perhaps you have tried changing your diet, but have not yet explored completely eliminating grains from your diet that for some people, can create a dramatic improvement in brain function.

Perhaps you are going through a huge transition time in your life like puberty or menopause and need hormonal support.

Perhaps you are a physician who is contemplating suicide.  If so, please contact this angel ASAP:  Dr. Pamela Wible MD.

Perhaps you have experienced challenging life traumas in your past and have not yet come across tools and perspectives that facilitate self-kindness in an ongoing way.

Perhaps you are judging your feelings and have not yet learned how to embrace all of your feelings, including the tough ones like sadness, anger and fear.  We live in a society where there is an underlying current of unacceptability regarding "negative" emotions.  Emotions are beautiful.  Expressed and unexpressed.  They are what what make you human.  Embrace this part of your humanity.  Allow your emotions to just be, without judging or resisting them.  In this way, letting go becomes a constant expression of finding the exquisite kindness to yourself that you are likely seeking.

Perhaps you believe you have tried everything and nothing has worked.  Sweet, dear, person who is reading this:  this simply is not true.  What you have tried is only the tip of the iceberg of all that is available to you.  There is so much more that you have not explored than what you have already explored.  The journey is the search and it is not elusive.

Perhaps the solution to your dilemma is just around the corner and what you must muster right here and right now, is divine patience.  Just beautiful, beautiful, waiting.

Perhaps . . .

Perhaps . . .

Perhaps . . .

So many possibilities, so many different mazes, so many different solutions.

Perhaps you believe that you are alone.  You are never alone.

BC Crisis Centre

Suicide Prevention 

Hang in there, please, hang in there.

The world will look different in a little while.  Change is never-ending.  The despair you are now feeling will also change.  I promise.

Love Kathy