Final Blog Post

After 4 years of giving this blog writing a whirl, I've decided to wrap it up this year. My intention of this blog was to pay tribute to my father, as well as to communicate with friends and family in a unique way by writing these posts.  Going into this, I knew that I wasn't much of a writer, but I did want to connect in this different way of expression.  I'm moving on, and found that I prefer connecting over the phone or in person, where I can see the person, hear the person, or hug the person.  I prefer more intimate connections than what a blog can provide for me;  and both take time.  I prefer to spend my personal time in ways that I find more life-enhancing.

My new website will be geared solely toward my career, with a blog geared toward valuable information that I will share with my patients and community.

As far as my tribute to both of my parents, I hope I have done them justice, and may they both rest in peace.

I love you mom and dad.  I still miss you.