Changing the way you see things can change your life and your health in positive and life-affirming ways.

A change in perception can make all the difference in how you are feeling, how you can move forward with your health, and how you can start an incredible journey toward physical and emotional wellness.

In part, beliefs are what shape us.  Beliefs are why we act in certain ways, and they are why we feel a wide range of emotions.  Our beliefs are the core foundation for how we respond to stress and challenges.

At times, verbally expressing suppressed thoughts and feelings in a space that is accepting and non-judgmental can be freeing, allowing you to choose perceptions that are life-enhancing.  When these same thoughts and feelings are expressed and met with compassion, it is easier to adopt beliefs that can help you move toward good health.

You are your own best expert when it comes to your body, when it comes to understanding yourself, and when determining what is best for you.  Helping you explore your beliefs through a Socratic method of questioning, can help guide you to keeping the beliefs that are working for you, and letting go of beliefs that are not.

Suggestions and recommendations for how to move forward are offered.  But more importantly, it is even more powerful to help you come up with your own thoughts on how to move forward.  Examining the various beliefs that you hold in a non-judgemental environment of acceptance can help make this possible. 

The counselling method I use draws upon aspects from a technique called the Options dialogue process.  To optimize your counselling experience, please read the following books first:  "Happiness Is A Choice" and "Power Dialogues", both by the same author, B. Kaufman.  You may also wish to attend a week long program at the Option Institute in Sheffield, Massachusetts, in order to super charge your mental and emotional wellness experience.