Maple is our clinic mascot.  She is a Golden Doodle, being 3/4's poodle and 1/4 golden retriever.  She is a non-shedding hypoallergenic dog that people with pet allergies can tolerate well.

Maple loves people, especially children.  She is often found sprawled out on the floor with one or two children lying on top of her, or poking her nose in the kitchen play area observing with interest, what children are cooking up.

As well, adults often love patting and playing with her.

Maple is our clinic therapy dog and is free to wander around the waiting room area.  She knows not to enter beyond the glass doors where the consultation room, treatment room, and bathroom are located.

When it's Maple's day off, many people come in to the office and the first thing they ask is, "where is Maple?"  Bill says he is the only one in the office that works like a 'dog' and often wishes he had Maple's job.  :)

However, if you would prefer she not be in the clinic waiting room area while you are here, please let Bill know and she will take a break in another room.

Maple also wishes you great health!