Your perceptions about yourself, your life, your relationships, your community, and the world around you, create emotional balance or emotional instability. Good mental health is crucial for the quality of your life.

Many things affect mental health. Genetics, biochemistry, illnesses, emotional stresses, physical stresses, physical imbalances, nutrition, exercise, and specific beliefs, are but a few factors that can affect your moods and mental state.

Depending on the problem, pharmaceutical medication may be appropriate. As a healthcare practitioner who is able to prescribe drugs, this form of therapy for psychological problems is my option of last resort for the vast majority of difficulties.

Naturopathic medicine has a great deal to offer regarding an improvement in mental and emotional health. Clinical nutrition, nutraceutical therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, bio-identical hormones, RND therapy, counselling, and exercise, can be excellent solutions for those who are struggling with mental health.

Awareness is the first step in understanding the need to regain balance in your thought processes. Acceptance of your feelings, inquiry into your thought processes, and a desire to take action for healthy change, can also help you toward experiencing internal emotional balance.

As well, many people have found that quieting their thoughts through prayer or meditation can be life transforming.

You are unique. There is no one in the world quite like you. What works best for you is based upon your own beliefs, your own unique biochemistry, and your own regular and keen observations about yourself.

I wish for you great health, which includes joy, happiness and emotional balance.