Move it or lose it.

The scientific studies regarding the improvement of health and the amelioration of disease through physical exercise is overwhelming.

Sure. There are specific studies that point to various types of exercises (e.g. resistance exercise) as being better for certain conditions (e.g. prostate cancer). But the bottom line is, just do it! Move your body regularly in the ways you enjoy the most. Dance. Hike. Play basketball. Walk your dog. Weight lift. Do aqua sizes. Do yoga. Ski. Whatever.

Exercise improves physical health, emotional health and mental health.

When pain and injury occurs that prevent you from exercising, many naturopathic therapies can be helpful:  PITprolotherapy, neural therapy, intravenous therapies, nutraceutical therapies, herbal medicine and homeopathy.

There are many skilled practitioners in the Bulkley Valley that can help with getting you back to moving again; practitioners like a registered TCM acupuncturist, physiotherapists, massage therapists, structural integration therapists, a somatics practitioner, an osteopath, and many other valuable therapies.

If healing is not progressing so that you are not back to exercising again, you may want to consider what naturopathic medicine can offer you, especially PIT or prolotherapy.

You are unique. There is no one in the world quite like you. What works best for you is based upon your own beliefs, your own unique biochemistry, and your own regular and keen observations about yourself.

I wish for you great health, and I'll see you on the slopes, or the trails, or the gym, or the sidewalk, or the dance floor, or wherever!