To be in communion with nature and the outdoors is to connect to something 'bigger'.

What that 'bigger' is, will be different for each person. To the devout Christian, bigger may mean to be enveloped by the love of God and Christ; to the practising Buddhist, bigger may mean to be at one with the Tao; to the First Nations people, bigger may mean to be in harmony with the Creator and with Mother Earth; to the humanist, bigger may mean to experience the loving kindness of our human nature; and to the agnostic, bigger may mean to learn something new each and everyday.

All of medicine comes from nature. Herbal medicine comes from the plants that grow in nature. Drugs are synthesized in a lab that come from the loving kindness of our human nature, wanting to develop a cure for a specific disease. The heart of all medicine comes from nature.

Nature in the outdoors, our core human nature, and our evolving spiritual nature, offer our lives the best possible connection we could ever have with ourselves, with each other, and with something 'bigger'.

Each of us is unique. The mold was broken at our birth. What works for each and everyone of us is based upon our own beliefs, our own unique biochemistry, and our own regular and keen observations about ourselves. In unity, we discover what we have been seeking all along.

I wish for you great health. Peace be unto you. Namaste. Aloha. All my relations.