PIT is an extremely effective therapy for relieving pain. PIT uses multiple injections with tiny needles ("baby shots") in areas where nerves become inflamed and/or trapped. Nerves can become inflamed or trapped where they exit through muscles, connective tissue, go through bony canals, rest on hard surfaces (bone, tendon, fascia), or terminate at nerve endings in the skin.

Most types of pain are caused by nerve inflammation or entrapment and this is called neuropathic or neurogenic pain. This type of pain comes from nerves called peptidergic somatosensory C fibres that swell and become inflamed.

The injected substance is glucose (a sugar solution). Our bodies cannot live without glucose. Nerves cannot function without glucose. In the nerves, glucose acts like a signalling molecule, controls glucose balance (homeostasis), produces energy and metabolic harmony, and can regulate gene transcription, enzyme activity, hormone excretion, regulating the activity of nerve cells.

This glucose solution is buffered with sodium bicarbonate so that a balanced pH solution is injected into the tissues for maximum healing.

PIT requires specialized training since injecting into precise locations is necessary for the greatest efficacy.

Over time, with repeated injections, underlying tissues heal. This has been repeatedly demonstrated with numerous case studies of various tissue injuries showing before and after confirmatory ultrasound and MRI scans. The theory behind this healing stems from Hilton's Law (1863) and Sherrington's Law (1932). Hilton's Law states that the joints, muscles and skin overlying the injured area share a common nerve supply. Sherrington's Law states that almost all skin areas are fed by 3 different nerve roots, called a nerve trunk.

What does this mean in simple terms? Nerves heal when there is less nerve inflammation in an environment where there is enough glucose. When there is less inflammation, there is less pain and better movement. With these improvements, gradual healing of the underlying structures like muscles, tendons and joints also heal.

This treatment has an almost instant pain relieving effect that can last from 4 hours to 4 days or longer. Repeated injections near the nerves result in long term pain relief and nerve regeneration in 4 - 6 weeks.

PIT has an 85 - 90 % success rate in eliminating or decreasing pain associated with recent or past injuries, post-operative pain, overuse strains, and chronic muscle tension.

Most patients need an average of 6 treatments. Depending on the condition, some will need less and some will need more. In the future, if you injure yourself again, make an appointment right away for PIT treatment so that there will be less treatments that you require.

Relief of pain can also occur in patients experiencing pain due to systemic or metabolic causes (e.g., autoimmune diseases, etc.). However, PIT does not heal these types of diseases, but only heals the nerves creating the pain. Other naturopathic and/or conventional medical therapies will also be used in these cases.

After treatment, movement and exercise are important. However, do not do excessive exercise and do not push through pain while moving.

Please be on time for your appointment as time needed during your treatment may require additional and minimal adjustments to be made for pain relief.

Welcome to the incredible world of PIT!

For more information, you can visit the website of the founder of this technique, Dr. John Lyftogt MD from New Zealand.